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ERP123 For
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A comprehensive financial solution
that is a fully-integrated component
of the ERP1123 core platform

With over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, ERP123 is a proven, comprehensive financial solution suitable for all types of manufacturing, product distribution and third-party logistics. Check out the various components of the 123Finance to get more detail, then start the conversation

General Ledger

- Multiple entities
Supports multiple companies and financial entities with divisional and consolidated financial reporting

- Multi-Currency
Exchange rate conversion with automated rate setting and exchange gain/loss posting

- User-definable Chart of Accounts
Multi-level chart of accounts with switches that control financial reporting display

- Real-time Data
Real-time data posting process that creates a real-time General Ledger and financial statements

- Eliminate Period Locks
Work in multiple open periods simultaneously for uninterrupted data processing

Accounts Receivable

- Automated Invoicing
Generate invoices based on sales orders and product shipments, project-milestones or 3PL data

- Document Delivery
Deliver invoices, customer statements, and collection notices automatically based on client preferences including email and EDI

- Credit Management
Fully integrated with order entry to block activity on delinquent accounts

- Customer Payments / Prepaids
Receive payments or pre-payments through credit card integration or EFT.

- Customer Returns
Easily [rpcess customer returns from approved RMA's and product receipts

Accounts Payable

- Purchasing Inte
Easily generate AP from receipts against approved Purchase Orders

- Accruals
Accruals are automatically generated when purchases are received and reversed as vendor invoices are entered

- Vendor Payments
Make payments by cheque or EFT

- Vendor Returns
Easily process vendor returns from approved return-to-vendor (RTV) documents

- Deposit
Crate prepaid deposits against approved PO's

Product Costing

- Standard Cost
Standard product cost from product structure data with variance

- Actual Cost
True rolling average costing for businesses where costs are constantly fluctuating

- Landed Cost
Burden product costs with factors for freight, duty and brokerage costs

- New Product Costing
Create detailed cost estimates for new products

- Cost Simulation
Simulate affect on overall margins and profitability based on product cost increases

Financial Reporting

- Standard Financial Reporting
123Finance provides a variety of income statement and balance sheet report formats

- Margin Analysis
Effectively analyze product or job margins for both manufacturing and distribution

- Detailed Cost Analysis
Cost history with detail drill-down

- Cash Flow
Cash flow projections based on open AR & AP

- Bank Reconciliation
Simple bank reconciliations with automated matching

Payroll & HR

- Employee Management
Track critical employee data including pay rates within the Employee Master module

- Time & Attendance
Electronic punch clock data with daily approvals

- Payroll Service Integration
Easily prepare and send payroll data to popular payroll services like ADP and Ceridian

Can I Make Corrections?



The unique "UNDO" feature of ERP123 makes correction of mistakes
fast, easy and fully traceable. Simple UNDO the document you are working on, make your changes and save. Corrections have never been easier

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