Configure Products in Real-Time on the Order Desk or Online

What is Product Configuration?

Product Configuration in ERP123 utilizes an integrated software tool known as a Product Configurator to guide the end user through a series of questions that the user must answer. These answers tell ERP123 how to construct the product structure based on the product options chosen

It's the fastest way to create orders

Product Configurators are typically used on an order desk or a website where there are a finite number of available product options. You can create product configurations ranging from very simple to complex and parametric. Data generated in Product configuration is used to:

Dynamically create the work order Calculate the list price for the product Create a “smart part number” for the options chosen

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ERP123 delivers the functionality You Need


Build simple or multi-level production configurations from core product data

Product Data Management (PDM)
Simple creation and updating
Parametric answers
Base model with add or remove options
Configurable pricing

Sales / Quoting

Combine standard, estimated and configurable items on a single quote

Mobile CRM and Contact Management
CAD Interfaces
Order and Quote History
Easy conversion of quotes to orders


Product work orders are created by the configurator and used in planning

Long Lead-Time Materials
Delivery Management
Shortage Management
Facility Loading
Manpower Planning

Supply Chain

Combine standard, estimated and configurable items on a single quote

Purchasing & Approvals
Lot & Serial Traceability
Allocation Management
Shipping & Receiving
Vendor Returns


Combine standard, estimated and configurable items on a single quote

Manufacturing Execution (MES)
Electronic Documentation
Label Printing
Detailed Scheduling
Warehouse Management
Shop Floor Time Management
Quality Management


Multi-facility, multi-currency user-configurable General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable

Multiple periods
Item Based Costing
Milestone Payment Schedules
Work-in-Process Management
Deferred Revenue
Revenue Recognition

Metrics & Reporting

Combine standard, estimated and configurable items on a single quote

Project-based P & L
Labour Efficiency
Price Variance
Detailed Product Costing
On-time Delivery to Target
Vendor Delivery Performance

Industries That Use Product Configuration

Paint Colors
Audio & Electronics
Musical Instruments
Promotional Products

Screen Shots

A few selected screen shots from the ERP123 Project-Based Manufacturing vertical solution

Project Overview Module
Master Production Schedule

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