We measure our success by your success.  That’s why we offer our clients a package of flexible technology-based services that ensure you always have everything you will need to grow and manage your business now, and in the future.  Call us today or scroll down to learn more

"The key to great ERP is understanding that what makes it great is the people and services that implement and support it"

Mike Carlo
IntegrateIT Canada and Founder of ERP123

The Services You Need To Do It Right


Our proven process for implementation ensures that every ERP123 installation is successful

Detailed Analysis
Pilot Simulation
User Training
Go-Live Support

Onsite Consulting

We're here to help with onsite consultants that assist in developing solutions to complex problems

Root-cause analysis
Efficiency improvement
Process development
Industry Guidance


Learn how easily ERP!23 can adapt to the special needs of your business

Data Integration
Special processes
Custom Reporting
Industry-based requirements
Customer demand

Cloud & IT Services

Make your life easy by letting us manage your hosted ERP123 and your complete IT infrastructure

Detailed Analysis
Pilot Simulation
User Training
Go-Live Support

Customer Service

Explore different options for ongoing support including onsite services

User training
Upgrades and Installation
Service requests
Software Bug Fixes

Industry 4.0

Learn how ERP123 can completely integrate your facilities and be a key component of your Industry 4.0 strategy

Alerts & Notifications
Process Monitoring
Knowledge Base
Machine Integration

Service Quote

More Than Our Technology

The best way to support our customers is to be what they need us to be at every stage of their growth and evolution. Early on they can tap into