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With over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, ERP123 is a proven, comprehensive solution for all types of manufacturing. Check out these industry solutions to get more detail, then start the conversation

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"ERP123 provides all the capability that a manufacturer would need to control their operations, no matter what they are making"

Roger Fannon
Canadian Thread-All
Cambridge, ON, Canada


Manage complex, multi-site jobs in project driven industries like construction

CRM & Sales Prospecting
CAD Interfaces
Estimating & Quoting
Complex schedules
Resource Management
Revenue Recognition


Similar to a project, only more simplified with less steps and less data required

Order Management
Detailed Scheduling
Job Costing
Time & Materials

Product Configuration

Let your customers customize their products from lists of supported options

Answer questions to create orders
Simple, single-level
Complex parametric
Price Builder
Product Nomenclature
Dynamic Order Creation
Easy Corrections

Make To Order

Repetitive Manufacturing where product is made when the customer orders it

Machine Shops
Custom Metal Factrication
Custom Electronics
Custom Furniture


Ship product from multiple warehouses with strategic replenishment

Product Distribution Planning
Quality Management
Product Traceability
Consumer Products
Hose & Fittings


Repetitive manufacturing in support of the automotive industry

Plastic Parts
Rubber Moldings
Metal Stamping
Brake Pads
Decorative Components

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