ERP123 for Distribution

Today's customers demand faster delivery and expect premium customer service. You need tools of ERP123 to optimize product throughput and increase the efficiency of your warehouse to meet the demands of your market, so you can grow your business without growing your problems.

ERP123 is an all-in-one solution for product distribution and includes everything you'll need including CRM, online sales portals, inventory and warehouse management, supply chain planning, order fulfillment, customer service, finance & more

ERP123 knows Distribution....get to know ERP123

Explore ERP123 Functionality for Distribution

Get Connected

Easily get connected to the data sources used by your customers

Woo Commerce
Shipping services

Order Management

Manage and process incoming orders efficiently and securely

Order Approvals
Margin Check


Check out how WMS123 can optimize your warehouse efficiency

Android WMS applications
Ultra efficient order fulfillment
Warehouse optimization
Freight Management
Increased throughput


Business to business distribution from a established customer base

Secure ordering portal
Online order status
Online catalogs
Contract and wholesale pricing


Sell your products direct to the end consumer with our online tools

Real-time inventory and allocations
E-Commerce product sales portal
Credit card processing
Order processing charges
Freight charges


Connect with shipping providers to automate optimize shipping efficiency

Automate pickups
Register packages during packing
Close order from manifest
Synchronized tracking updates
Freight Charges and Cost Recovery

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